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Prayer Request: deliverance Prayer Request: deliverance

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deliverance (May 10, 2012)

Prayer Request:
Urgent Petition   I have been battling serious issues in my life over 8yrs now. I have been involved in a high profile legal battle that is highlighted with corruption and cover up. I was accused of crimes I have no share in as false witness were used to cover up hideous crimes including child sex abuse as these criminals have got protection over the years and I was treated like a criminal. I was tortured and tormented without a cause as this gang made money off my situation. I want to see these goons made accountable for their crimes which also include police. All these years you have prayed for me and after 8yrs of your prayers there have been some mazing revelations that have come forward such as the police tampered with the records and has covered up the false witnesses as true. Today I am challenging the system to bring the witnesses before the court and that is where the story is today. All I want is for you to do mighty prayer for me that such false witnesses is brought before the court including this police and for God to send some powerful high profile entities to get involved with the case to help me see it through. The corruption and cover up has been so much to push genuine help come my way. People have been brain washed over the years to believing I am the criminal and that is how they have diverted the attention of the masses from them to me and that is what has made my running tough and every attempt to get my life on track was frustrated. Lack of support and family also has contributed largely to the scenario where I have been pushed aside by the scums to almost living a life in isolation as the gang has continued to intimidate and terrorise me over the years to get their way. Not just that there are atleast six stalkers that stalk me 24/7 round the clock sitting in my neighbour’s garage which I share with him and harass me and when I retaliate they threaten me with consequences. Over the years the police has helped them get away with their deeds as much as cover up for them who he is basically using to keep tabs on me as much as is a source of income for him but has been able to fool the public over the years by projecting this as social work. Pray that these stalkers and the police and the other false witnesses are caught and brought to task and justice prevails. The atrocities that I have taken over the year is outside anyone’s comprehension. God has helped by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring the truth right to the edge that it needs just one push and pray for that final push and here is a story which will reveal the Mighty Lord and his wondrous work. May glory be to the lord. Pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit that is burning in me never fades until God brings his work to the finish. Pray that I break free from all these negative energies that have been ruling my life to get their way almost enslaving me and that I come out victorious. May all truth me revealed including sexual abuse. Pray also for my daughter who is in the University for a Healthy and Prosperous Life and good education. Amen. My name: Smita Mitra Daughters name: Madhushree Mitra