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Kim P

Request (Nov 26, 2017)

Prayer Request:
I have a friend in very dire straights right now. Her name is Michelle. She needs a hand up something fierce. She is trying to move from California to Virginia and has broken down in New Mexico and has been stuck for 4 days now. She is almost out of money and doesn't know what to do. A little background about her..... when she was around 12, her mama was killed by a drunk driver. Up until that point, her father was not in her life. But he got custody after mama died. Well, this sick man abused her in every way possible and she ran away at age 16 and survived however she could. She got married eventually and had a baby girl. Because of the abuse by her father, she has issues and who wouldn't!!!!! Husband divorced her and used her issues against her and got custody of the child, who she doesn't get to see. Talk about adding insult to injury. Evicted her from their house. She moved in with first guy she met, who was also abusive. He recently evicted her. She bought an old van with what little money she had, and was going to move to Virginia, to a friends property, to live in a little single wide trailer on their property. Well, this van is old and very used. I paid her cell phone bill so she would at least have contact while on the road. She is sleeping in her van and walking to a grocery store to get food to eat. She is broke down behind the Milan Tire Store in Milan, NM.  You will find her there. At this point, I have offered to go get her, she is 8 hours from me, but we cannot tow that van. She would just have to leave it. All she owns in the world is in that van. She is around 29 year old. We cannot take her to Virginia. But at least she could sleep here until she could figure out what in the world she is going to do. It is not safe for her to just be sleeping there in her van. My heart breaks into a million pieces for her. I know her mama must be spinning in her grave.  There are 2 other adults with her that she brought to help her drive.  I do not know them and would not bring them back to my house. She also is not a Christian, which is one reason I have taken her under my wing and trying to help her. She has a mechanic there looking at the van and trying to fix it, but I don't know how she is going to pay for it once they are done. Since the van isn't running, I'm not sure how she is keeping her phone charged. I have to wait until she is online again to talk to her. Anyhow, if anyone wants to help her or has any other questions, just message me at I live in Lubbock, TX.  I'm not asking you to give her money  But if you could provide a meal or maybe help pay her mechanic bill, or fill up her gas, anything would help her.  Or put her in a room for one night so she could take a shower and sleep in a bed for one night. I am trying to impress upon her that Christians are different and would not treat her like her father did and so many others that she has known up to this point. I appreciate your consideration, Kim Pierce